Hei Maori Art is Based in Ibiza Spain and began in the year 2002. After being shown the basics of bone carving from a good friend Mana started bone carving as a hobby, carving for friends and family in New Zealand. This became a part time job and passion on return to now home and base in Ibiza.

Continuing for a time, and carving only for clients, Ibizencos and tourists slowly recognised some of the art of Maori Carvings. It was a new thing in Ibiza and over the years the interest has grown gradually with carvings also displayed in Tiki Tattoo, in the centre of town.

In 2002 Hei Maori Art became part of Las Dalias, Ibiza's most artistic market based in the north of Ibiza and every summer continues to represent a part of Maori culture touching visitors to Ibiza from all over the world and locals alike.

Now that time is more dedicated to tattooing, Mana no longer carves, but continues with the promotion of Maori carvings from Maori and New Zealand artists in Ibiza, and now with the Hei Maori Art web page.

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