Preword: Do not steal any image in Hei Maori Art. They are the product of hard work from honest Artists. They deserve your respect.


The Maori have been carving from bone since the beginning of Maori culture. In the old days any bone deemed carvable would be used, including human. In this section Hei Maori Art holds a selection of carvings made of cowbone from various Maori and New Zealand Artists.


In this category you will find a small mix of different mediums. Boars tusk, Mother of Pearl, Peacock Earrings... In the future we hope to stock art from other Polynesian Islands here as well, along with other materials.


Called Pounamu in Maori, throughout New Zealand it is also known as greenstone. Since it's discovery by the early Maori, Pounamu has been held as a special treasure through to the present day. Although current day carvers use modern tools, pounamu is a time consuming medium to carve, and one of the most precious.


Hei Maori Art also offers an Exclusive Items category. For the moment we stock Pounamu, Whale Bone and Basalt items. Our goal is to eventually stock exceptional pieces from known and unknown artists to be able to help promote Maori Artists in Europe.


Paua, or Abalone in English was and still is for the Maori, kaimoana, or seafood. Nowadays the beautiful tones of blue from the protective shell of the Paua are recycled to make all kinds of jewellery.


Hei Maori Art is based in Ibiza. For the moment it is limited to these small categories and diversity. With patience and time we will grow accordingly to be able to bring you new and beautiful items. Thank you, nau mai haere mai. Welcome.